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Easily view, share, and download your photos, slides, or negatives before they degrade further. Available as uncompressed TIFFs or compressed JPG files, we use the latest digital technologies to scan and restore your original photos and slides.

Available Formats

Photo Product Delivery Method / Optional Services
35mm slides (2500 dpi)
.TIFF and .JPG files
Flash drive transfer of digital files
$15 per 16GB drive
35mm slides (3500 dpi)
OR Online viewing/download
35mm slides (5000 dpi)
OR Transfer to your personal hard drive
35mm negatives
Digital ICE (Image Correction and Enhancement)

Scanned. Organized. Easy. Convert your photos and film slides to digital files to easily share and archive your memories. Download them from our secure service and store them indefinitely. Or have them created into a slideshow for events showcasing your photos.

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